Triple R Ranch

Stewarding land, animals, people, ideas and potential

The Triple R Ranch is a small group retreat center located in Pittsburgh, PA. The ranch is a Horse Sanctuary for abused or abandoned horses that we rehabilitate to become our co-faciliators in our Horse Enhanced Accelerated Learning Experiences.

The ranch provides us with the ability to offer a sacred space for transformational learning by connecting people to nature, animals, each other and to spirit, in order to create a more sustainable world.

Horse Enhanced Accelerated Learning (H.E.A.L.)

Horse: A large, four-legged prey animal
Enhanced: To increase or make greater, as in value
Accelerated: To quicken, increase the speed of, to bring about sooner than expected, to hasten the growth and progress of
Learning: To acquire and gain knowledge, comprehension or mastery through experience

Many of today's "experiential learning" events have an impact on internal behaviors and processes. Yet Unbridled Performance's unique systems-based, experiential learning programs do something that no other program does by adding a third element: the horse. This partnership with another living entity provides a catalyst for your team to discover how your mindset, behaviors, actions and communication styles impact others, whether they are a customer, co-worker or a trustee on the board.

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