Team Development

Organizations are rapidly realizing that high performance teams are essential in today's competitive marketplace. These high performance teams drive the organization toward fulfilling its mission and directly impact the long-term sustainability of an organization.

The Team Performance Accelerator

In this one to two day experience, you and your team will jumpstart the process of developing strategies to improve team performance. During this interactive, experiential experience, you and your team will begin to uncover the realities of:

  • WHY your team may not be optimizing performance
  • WHAT specific areas, such as communication, need to be addressed to increase effectiveness; and
  • HOW your team can begin to realize its true potential

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Our Keys for Team Learning:

Flexibility: Be open to change or a new approach.

Speak with Purpose:
Own your truth by speaking in "I" statements in a positive manner.

Actively Listen: Listen to what is said as well as what is intended. When confused, ask.

There are no Failures, only Opportunities to Learn: Understand that failures simply provide you with the information you need to succeed.

Appreciate the Good: In all situations, first appreciate and recognize what went well before you look at what could have been done differently.

Respect and Honor Each Other:
Regardless of how a person's actions may come across, people act with the best of intentions. Appreciate each person's efforts and discover the basis of his/her true intent without making another person wrong.

Be Present: Focus your attention on what is happening here and now and make the most out of it. Give each task your best effort.

Follow through on your promises and obligations.

Ownership: Take responsibility and be self-accountable for your actions.

We always have a choice to add to or take away,
motivate or de-motivate, commit or comply, ask or tell.

Unbridled Performance's Commitment to You as a Learner

  • We believe that you want to be your best and that you can succeed!
  • We treat you as an equal.
  • We work to understand and relate to you.
  • We care about your success and will provide you with feedback to help you grow.
  • We speak the truth in a clear and gentle manner.
  • We will have fun!